Mini Treasure Hunt

Mini Treasure Hunt

Recently, Gracen has become borderline obsessed with all things searching-based.  She loves a good game of hide-and-seek, she adores playing ‘I Spy’, and there’s nothing better than a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ book.  So this afternoon, after a busy morning filled with a morning walk, a first attempt at skating, and an impromptu hair cut, we decided to pull together a low-key searching activity indoors.

IMG 4598

First, we rounded up some coins (aka treasure) and gave them a good scrub in hot soapy water {because money grosses me out}. (Of course you could always use something different as treasure…plastic gems, tiny toys, play money, etc.)

IMG 4599After drying off the coins, we spread them out on a plastic serving tray…

IMG 4601

And hid the treasure with the coloured rice we made months ago (plain rice, sand, flour, dry pasta, beans, and cornmeal would all be good alternatives).

IMG 4603

Voila – treasure hidden.

IMG 4605

Next, we gathered a few treasure finding tools.

IMG 4626

We laid our tray down on a towel for easier clean up, retrieved one of Miss G’s piggy banks for treasure collection, and the search began.

IMG 4631


IMG 4633

Found something… Jackpot!

IMG 4616

Clink!  Into the piggy bank (cue Miss G’s ‘money, money, moneeeeey’ song and dance).

Grae had so much fun with this little game that I’m certain it will sit out in our living room for the next few days being enjoyed by our little search-obsessed girl time and time again.

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14 thoughts on “Mini Treasure Hunt

  1. Brilliant idea. My daughter loves ‘hidin’ at the moment but we always tend to find her hiding behind the same curtain! She seems to have a thing for buttons at the moment so maybe they could be involved in a bit of hide and seek amongst some rice….

    1. Hahaha – too funny! Gracen hides in different places, but often jumps out and calls your name before you’ve had much of a chance to find her! :)

      Buttons would be perfect for this activity… Especially coloured ones in white rice. :)

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