Valentine’s Day {2013}

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With a Valentine’s party earlier this week, and our annual Valentine’s tea happening tomorrow, when Miss G asked to have a special day at home today instead of attending our Valentine’s celebration at Strong Start, I was more than happy to oblige.  It was a day of cooking together and doing special activities, topped off with a few hand-picked gifts for each of us at the end of the day.

Here is our day in photos…

IMG 5480

Little breakfast helper.

IMG 5483

A breakfast full of hearts.

IMG 5486

A special drink.

IMG 5490

Jello play dough experiment.

IMG 5500

Play time.

IMG 5509

A special project for Papa.

IMG 5511

“Love soup”.

IMG 5523


IMG 5525

Papa’s pizza topping.

IMG 5526

Heart-shaped bacon warrants a regular rectangular pizza.

IMG 5527

Regular roasted veggies means the pizza needs to be heart-shaped.

IMG 5531

Finishing off the day with a few little gifts. A beautiful picture frame and some David’s Tea goodies for Papa, Fauberg macarons for Mama, and a handmade purse, a new book, and some scented stickers for Miss G.


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