Downtown Victoria

This morning after our visit to Beacon Hill Children’s Farm, we headed downtown to walk around and see the sights.  We took photos in front of all the ultra-touristy spots (we’re cheesy like that) and it took me back to my first ever trip to Victoria with my friend Laura when we were 12 years old.  We both flew in an airplane for the first time that trip (how different things are for Miss G!), we stayed with Laura’s grandparents, and we visited all of the most touristy spots, film cameras in hand.  It’s funny to think that both Grae and I have the same photos, only twenty years {and many technological leaps} apart.

IMG 6864IMG 6867IMG 6871IMG 6879IMG 6875IMG 6882IMG 6888The only difference is the photos with the killer whales… Those certainly weren’t around during my first Victoria trip. Gracen adored them and wanted to visit and touch each one we saw.  Perhaps I have a new photo project on my hands? ☺


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