Weekly Fruit/Veggie Investigation: Dragon Fruit

Weekly Fruit Investigation | Mama Papa BubbaAfter our last fruit investigation, it was amazing to see what Gracen came up with all on her own this week.  She’d picked a dragon fruit (one of my personal favourites) from the store a couple of days back and when she sat down with it today, I simply asked, “What can you tell me about this dragon fruit?”  Her observations about the outside of the fruit included that it was cold, pink and green, both smooth and prickly, and squishy when poked.  She also told me that it smelled like strawberries (hah!)

IMG 7838Once we cut it in half, she told me that it was ‘veeeeeeery’ seedy, that the seeds could be eaten just like those of the kiwi, and that it felt wet.  

IMG 7841We peeled the skin off and Miss G got straight to the taste test portion of her investigation.  The conclusion?  It tasted like strawberries (though I think she often uses “strawberries” because she associates them with tasting and smelling good…she also tells me that her toes smell like strawberries!)

IMG 7842It’s amazing how quickly kids pick things up, isn’t it?  We’ve only done this once before and she is already using her sense of sight, smell, taste, and touch to make conclusions about a new fruit.  I love this little weekly tradition we have going on and I’m excited to see what she chooses next week.

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