Radish Top Egg Heads

Radish Top Egg Heads | Mama Papa BubbaWhile we made grassheads using my tried and true nylon method last year, this time around we decided to switch things up a little with an egg shell version.  Not only is this method very simple {and therefore more toddler friendly}, but afterwards you can remove the googly eyes, give the shell a good crunch, and plant them directly into your garden!

IMG 8146Here’s what we used for the project…  Eggshells (washed well), craft glue, googly eyes, quick sprouting seeds of some sort (we went with radishes), a couple of Sharpies, and some soil.

IMG 8152Gracen started off by gluing a pair of googly eyes to each eggshell using craft glue and a Q-tip.

IMG 8158After letting the eyes dry a little bit, she used Sharpies to add on little button noses and pink smiles.

IMG 8161Then we carefully set all of the little egg heads into an empty carton, making sure to be mindful of the still slightly wet eyes.

IMG 8166Using a small spoon, Miss G then filled each of the egg heads with potting soil.

SeedsNext up was the addition of seeds.  While you should probably only plant a couple of seeds in the space an eggshell provides, one or two sprouts wouldn’t make for a very good head of hair.  With that in mind, Gracen sprinkled them generously. 

IMG 8175Then she covered them with another sprinkling of soil and patted the surfaces down with her finger tips.

IMG 8184One of our last steps was finding them a good, safe spot with lots of sunlight, so on a crate in front of our living room window it was.  Grae gave them a good misting, and we hoped for the best. (When having kids water seeds, I always opt for using a spray bottle.  It’s fun, it’s great for motor skill development, and it’s nearly impossible to overwater.)

Day 3  4Counting the afternoon we planted as day one, here’s what we had on days 3 and 4.  Not bad, right?

Day 6And here’s after a couple more days…

IMG 8596By day 7 (today), here’s what we have.  Little egg heads with wild green hair.  Before long, it’ll be time for a hair cutting session (which is half the fun), and the best part is we’ll have some delicious radish greens to add to a salad or smoothie. ☺


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  1. It looks great. This year I did something very similar but instead of egg shells I’ve used hollowed lemons. It works same way and can be plant straight into the soil. Next year when my littles once get bigger we definitely will go for “blinking eyes” :).

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