6 thoughts on “Gracen Reads ‘Brown Bear’ {Again}

  1. She is so incredibly cute! I love when she pauses to ask, “What is that?!” haha. My 2.5 year old loves watches Gracen. I am pretty sure they only have about a month between them in age! Keep up the great work! We love your blog!

      1. Cameron was born on his due date! October 7th, 2010! When was Gracen born? I am thinking late August/early September? I remember reading that Gracen was asking for a baby sister ;). We just found out last week we were having another boy due September 13th. Cam has been wanting a sibling for awhile. We look forward to your blog posts! Cam says Gracen is “pwetty”. Oh and I love your name ;) haha.

  2. You have a lovely name too. ;)

    I went into labour on Grae’s due date, and she was born the day after – August 24th. :)

    Yes, Gracen did go through a big talking about a baby sister stage, but it’s sort of subsided now…. Congratulations on the new pregnancy!!! That’s great news!

    Thanks so much for your kind words and I’m glad you enjoy our posts! <3

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