Spray Paint Bubble Bath

Spray Paint Bubble Bath | Mama Papa BubbaGracen absolutely adores special baths.  So much so, that tonight while eating dinner, she was already requesting something fun.  “I want a really, really, reeeeeaaaally special bath tonight.  Soooo special please, Mama.”  I was drawing a bit of a blank at the time, so I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and found this post by Growing a Jeweled Rose.  Simple, fun, and I knew Grae would love it as it’s so similar to the snow spray painting activity we did this winter.  

IMG 8038While we didn’t have liquid watercolours on hand, all I did was collect a few spray bottles, fill them up with a little warm water, and add a few drops of gel food colouring to each.  I was going for vibrant colours, but if you want to ensure that the colours don’ stain your grout and child, you may opt for just one or two drops instead (or just avoid red/pink as it’s the only one that ever seems to stain!)

IMG 8041Then I filled up a big tub full of bubbly water using a bubble wand from Lush.  Gracen started spraying the bubbles before even getting into the water, and the results were gorgeous – bright, colourful bubbles that had an airbrushed feel to them.  

IMG 8045When ready, she hopped into the water and continued her masterpiece.  The fun part was that as she moved around in the water, more white bubbles were uncovered, so there was always a great blank canvas to paint.

IMG 8055Simple spray paints were such a fun addition to the traditional bubble bath.  And though I may have been a little over generous with the food colouring, the good news is that our grout is only slightly tinged pink – everything else washed off with a quick rinse with the shower head. ☺

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