Music loverOur girl is a true music lover.  She just adores music.  When given the choice, she’ll almost always choose to watch a music videos over a kids’ shows, she memorizes faster than I can, and it’s rare to find her not dancing, singing, or holding a microphone of some sort. 

This afternoon, she watched these two videos back to back several times.  She strategically placed her plastic golf club in a blanket to create a mic and mic stand and strummed along on her guitar while practicing the words.  If I would have let her, she probably would have watched until dinnertime.  And I don’t blame her…  Watching these sisters sing almost always brings shiver bumps to my arms or tears to my eyes.  How it’s possible to have that much talent at that young of an age, I don’t know.  Blows me away every time.


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