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Simple Rice Tray Play | Mama Papa Bubba

This morning I had a little bit of housework to do and Miss G suggested that she’d play with some freshly coloured rice I’d made while I got my clean on.  It’d been a quite a while since she’d last opted to play with a rice bin or tray, so I was happy to hear that she was still excited about such a simple sensory activity.  While I put the rice into small containers, she picked out items she wanted to use while playing with it.  She gathered up a divided plate,  heart-shaped ice cube tray,  cup, scoop, bowl, and funnel and we laid everything down on a large blanket in the living room.

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She got to playing right away and immediately mixed the different colours in the bowl while using the funnel.  Watching the individual colours mix into speckled sea of rainbow colours is always so much fun (and so is crazy bed head ☺).

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There was a lot of mixing, dumping, and pouring, but the favourite of the morning was definitely this little scoop paired with the funnel.  She quickly learned that using the two together was a great way to fill the little heart-shaped ice moulds and we later on we even experimented with extending our funnel using a bubble tea straw.

After she was through playing, we scooped up the rice, added it to the bin of coloured rice we keep in the solarium, and shook the remaining grains off of the blanket outside.  Easy, simple fun.

To see how we make our coloured rice, click here.

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2 thoughts on “iPhoneography // Simple Rice Tray Play

  1. I can’t tell you how much I love this! We love rice but I always put it in a big bin and it always gets flung everywhere! Starting out in small containers like this is a great idea. I bet it satisfies the urge to dump without dumping a huge bin full. Thanks for the idea :) The rice looks beautiful too!

    1. So true, Jen! I didn’t even think of it that way, but when we do big rice bins things definitely get messy a lot faster. The small containers must encourage just small bits of dumping at a time. :)

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