What I Know Now {My Blogging Journey}

Last night, I had the absolute pleasure of attending Glam, Vancouvermom.ca‘s annual celebration of local mom bloggers.  Having been nominated as a top 30 last year, this time around I was thrilled to attend as an ambassador.  Not only was I there to greet the new crop of top mom bloggers and help them settle into the evening, but I was also asked to be a guest speaker on the topic of ‘what I know now’.  And while my teaching career has gotten my fairly comfortable with speaking to groups {most of which are the average of 5.5 years}, I must say, I was flat out nervous.  Speaking in front of a group of 200 uber talented and influential writers, bloggers, and local business owners had both my speech paper and my voice shaking – something I wasn’t quite expecting!  Of course I made it through despite my nervousness and the entire evening turned out wonderfully.

Though it doesn’t fit into my usual theme of Gracen-centred posts, I thought I’d share my speech here because it summarizes my personal blogging journey and how this little blog of mine has brought along many wonderful things to both myself and my little lady.

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What I Know Now…

What I knew then was that despite all of the perks, living overseas away from our families was hard. Hard for us, and equally as hard for them too.   That year, after a wonderful summer in Canada, our departure for our 4th school year in the Middle East was  much harder than usual.  Not only did our families have to say goodbye to us, but this time they also had to say goodbye to a teeny little lady who had just come into the world…  Our daughter, and their granddaughter and niece whom they’d only known for a brief 19 days.  


When we arrived home in Kuwait, after we’d settled a little and managed to turn our days and nights around once again, I knew I had to figure out a way to keep our families from missing out on the first year of our daughter’s life.  …That’s what I knew then.  

The truth is, I knew next to nothing about blogging at that point.  And from what I did know, I wasn’t the type of person who blogs.  Bloggers were talented writers, and I certainly wasn’t one of those.  …That’s what I knew then.  


With a gentle nudge, I started a blog anyways and sent the link to our closest family members.  I posted a photo or two a day with milestones and little stories sometimes attached.  And the truth was, that’s what I thought blogging would be for me.  …That’s what I knew then.


What I know now is this…


Despite the fact that you may never, in a million years, think that strangers will read your blog, they will.  They’ll find you and connect with you and follow. They’ll leave comments under your baby’s photos, and at first, it’ll be weird.


Slowly, the comments and the follows will become less strange.  Slowly, you’ll accept it for what it is and you’ll realize that many of the blogs you follow yourself are not much different than your own – moms sharing bits and pieces of their lives while they journey through motherhood.  


Soon, the comments and follows will mean you’re never alone.  Not when you’re exhausted and unshowered and feeling like anyone but you.  Not when you’re up in the middle of the night and nearing your wits end.  Not when you’re clapping aloud and celebrating milestones.  And not when you’re so in love with a tiny human being that you want to shout it from the rooftops.


What I know now is that those people, the once weird commenters and followers, will become some of your biggest supporters. And despite the fact that they may have never met you in real life, they’ll be rooting for you – genuinely wanting what’s best.  They’ll log in to their computers excited to see what’s new in your world… To see whether you’ve met your most recent goal or if your toddler is finally done resisting her naps. 


What I know now is that though your cheering squad is vast, not everyone will always agree with you, and that’s okay.  It’ll lead to great discussions, cause you to challenge your opinions, help you exercise humility and patience, and learn to politely stand firm in your beliefs.


What I know now is that blogging will lead to amazing opportunities.  Events, sponsorships, and swag aside, blogging will allow you to grow and learn, take risks, and meet wonderful new people.  


What I know now is that if you’re as lucky as many of us have been, receiving a top blogger nomination will lead to an overwhelming sense of community.  Your fellow bloggers’ twitter handles will eventually be connected to blog titles, and blog titles will eventually be linked to names.  And before you know it, these ladies will become one of your biggest sources of support, encouragement, and inspiration.  You’ll come together in times of illness and loss and celebration.  And soon, your “blogging friends” will be just be your “friends” – people you’ll wonder what you ever did without. Mamas to some of your child’s best play mates.  Your posse.  


What I know now is that blogging will lead you to all sorts of unexpected, and in the very best way possible.  That’s what I know now.


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8 thoughts on “What I Know Now {My Blogging Journey}

  1. really enjoyed this post. I missed out on the event this year but I love reading all about it. I started my blog journey for similar reasons and the beautiful and unexpected gifts that come from are really wild! I really enjoy mama.papa.bubba

  2. Thanks for sharing this so we can re-read it. I really enjoyed your speech and felt connected when you were speaking!! So happy to have discovered so many lovely, local ladies! Amber :)

  3. What a wonderful speech! I am so glad that Stacy ^^ shared it so that I could be moved and inspired by your very well crafted words. Thank you so much for sharing.

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