A SIMPLE Puppet Theatre

DIY Puppet Theatre Using Ikea s SKYLTA Children s Market Stand | Mama Papa BubbaWith our fruit and veggie market being a huge hit for a solid week or so, today we decided to switch things up a little.  Given a few options, Miss G confidently chose to convert our cardboard market stand into a simple puppet theatre this time around.

IMG 9252And when I say simple, I mean simple!  Because our designated market builder seemed to miss a couple of steps in the process (*ahem* not me!) we have a couple of open slots near the top of the stand that were perfect for slipping a lightweight cotton scarf through to give the feel of a curtain.  If we would have had a long, thin dowel, I would have attempted to fashion a working curtain, but no such luck.  Of course, Miss G doesn’t seem to mind in the least.

IMG 9268The other small step we took to transform our market stand into a puppet theatre is to create a super simple welcome sign.  We simply slid it into the poster holder in front of the fruit and veggie shop one and we were good to go.

IMG 9263All that was left was retrieving a few puppets, and luckily, Miss G had that covered.

IMG 9264These guys were up for some exercise and ended up jumping and ‘practicing falling’.

IMG 9288IMG 9290After playing with her traditional puppets a while, she pulled out her homemade wooden spoon puppets to switch things up a little.  They talked about their favourite colours, decided to go to the park, and ended up finishing the play date with a kiss! ☺

IMG 9267IMG 9271Next up was the finger puppet crew.  These guys did their usual performance – 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed.

So far, this little cardboard market has brought about a ton of fun and I know there’s a lot more in store!

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