Homemade Wholewheat Cheddar Crackers, the Lazy Man’s Way

Wholewheat Cheddar Crackers the Lazy Man s Way | Mama Papa BubbaWhenever Miss G and I have her very favourite homemade cheddar crackers out during play dates, our guests say two things – “yum!” and “how long did they take to cut out?!”  I must admit, cutting out several baking sheets full of teeny tiny moons or hearts takes a loooooong time.  And while most of the time I can muster up the energy, today I decided we’d take the easy route.

IMG 9345First up, we followed our recipe as usual and combined all of the ingredients into a soft cheesy dough using our food processor.

IMG 9347Then we placed the dough between two layers of parchment, rolled it out nice and thin, and used a pizza cutter to slice them into quick and easy squares.

IMG 9349I contemplated just placing the entire sheet onto a baking pan and cooking them in one big mass, but in the end, decided to scoop them up and flip them onto a pan while quickly separating them. 

IMG 9350And because they reminded both Brad and I of Cheez-Its (one of the only ‘Americanized’ types of crackers available during our four years in Kuwait), I added the centre holes with one of our teeny dowels just for fun.

IMG 9364We baked them as usual, and even though little squares may be a little more on the boring side, they’re every bit as delicious!

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