A Third Birthday, Just the Three of Us.

Since we already celebrated Miss G’s third birthday (THIRD!!!) with a party back home in Canada before leaving, today we kept things super low key and just spent the day the three of us.  I thought I might have a little celebration with the kids who are already back in Kuwait, or make a little cake and venture out in a taxi for some candles, but none of that happened…

IMG 1321

IMG 1327

IMG 1329

Grae woke up, put on her very favourite party dress, requested pancakes for breakfast {which quickly turned into french toast upon discovering that we don’t yet own measuring cups}, and we spent the morning at home doing art projects and putting together a sensory bin stand for her new bedroom.

IMG 1374

IMG 1381

IMG 1384

By afternoon, we lathered up in sunscreen, put on our bathing suits, and headed to the Hilton for some time along the oceanfront.  When dinner time rolled around, we towel dried and went wet-haired to our favourite pizza joint before heading home for the evening.  Our newly three year old little lady was in bed and fast asleep by 5:50 p.m., and I can only hope she’ll stay that way until a decent hour tomorrow morning.

It was a good day.

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