Three: A Birthday Interview

Last year, when Miss G turned two, we did her first ever birthday interview.  I prepared a short list of questions, then recorded our conversation as I asked about her interests and likes and she shared her responses.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched that little video since… The enthusiasm that moves her whole body as she tells me her favourite colour… the way she bursts into dance when I ask her about the song she loves best… her silly little antics when she sings happy birthday at the end – they just make me melt.  It makes my heart happy that I have a tiny snippet in time frozen, to remember always.

So, with another birthday under her belt, early this morning I asked my newly minted three year old the same questions I asked one year ago.



And here’s this year’s keepsake…

A Birthday Interview  3

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8 thoughts on “Three: A Birthday Interview

  1. Happy birthday Graven! That videobut too cute!!! And a very nice idea. I’m thinking about stealing that idea for my girls future birthdays. Did you do something special like that for her first birthday? My girls birthday is still 4 months away but I’m already thinking about what to do. Greetings to the whole gorgeous family :)

    1. Thanks, Peggy! You should definitely do it! Little Mila would be adorable in a series of birthday interviews! Because she wasn’t talking a ton on her first birthday, I waited to start the interviews until she was two. If I remember right, I just did a first birthday post where I compiled all of the things she loved, thought were funny, was scared of, etc. Greetings back to you and YOUR gorgeous family! :)

    1. Thanks, Amy! You’re right – not too early to start! For Miss G’s 2 year old video, I gave her a little bowl of snacks which helped her to sit still. :)

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