Continuing Our Yearly Tradition

A Handprint Canvas  our yearly tradition | Mama Papa Bubba

I’m all about special little traditions.  Half birthday traditions, Christmas ornament making traditions, Valentine’s Day traditions…  They just make me happy.  One of the ones I love most is is the handprint canvas Gracen and I make each year together.

IMG 1335

 When I first decided to start it just before Miss G’s first birthday, I picked up 5 small square canvases thinking that would last me forever and now we’re more than halfway through our stash.  Hard to believe.    

IMG 1339

As always, Grae picked out the colour combination.

IMG 1832

It’s crazy {and exciting and sad and overwhelming} to see how much this little hand grows each year (see last year’s print here).

IMG 1974

Here’s this year’s masterpiece. Sadly, this one will stand alone here in Kuwait until another birthday rolls around, but one day in the future, she’ll have a collection of handprints, each one slightly larger than the last, displayed on her bedroom wall for all of us admire.

Check out last year’s handprint canvas post too!


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3 thoughts on “Continuing Our Yearly Tradition

  1. omg…what a neat idea. I love your creativity! I can learn so much. I have to check out if I can get little canvases around here somewhere…. i’ll be a copy cat… sorry! this is too gorgeous not to copy.

  2. We do a similar thing at Christmas. Each year our son does a green handprint for each year of his age (like a Christmas tree). So he’ll do three hands since he just turned three. Then we display them each year, in succession. Now that we have a new family member, the plan is to do her handprint as the skirt for a Sugar Plum Fairy. :-) we love handprints too.

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