Al Kout Mall & Lookout Tower

Al Kout Mall is one of my favourite nearby places to hang out in Kuwait… It has a beautiful water-lined walking path leading up to it, fountains that are choreographed to music, and tons of outdoor seating space.  Plus, if you go in the mornings, it’s very quiet, which I love.  Miss G and I visited this morning, enjoyed cool drinks outside, and then climbed to the top of the lookout tower.  Here’s our morning in photos…

IMG 4318

Barely a soul in sight.

IMG 4319

Off to the tower.

IMG 4321

‘Woah, Mama.  Look how big it is!!!’

IMG 4325

IMG 4323

First floor view.

IMG 4329

Up, up, up.

IMG 4333

Second floor silhouette.

IMG 4327
Favourite image of the day.

IMG 4331

Checking things out.

IMG 4338

At the tippy top.

IMG 4340

Soooo windy!


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