First Ballet Slippers Shadow Box

First Ballet Slippers Shadow Box | Mama Papa Bubba

Aw… My little lady is growing up.  We arrived to Kuwait, enrolled in a parent and tot ballet program, and arrived to the first class only to discover that the ballet slippers I was sure would last her until next summer were already too small.  Sad day.  Those little slippers – her very first pair – have been a part of many lovely memories and a ridiculous amount of cuteness {like this and this and this} and I couldn’t bear to get rid of them.  After a couple moment’s thought, I remembered seeing a ballet-themed shadow box on a long ago and immediately knew what I wanted to do.  The slippers full of happy memories were too adorable to be tucked away anyways.

IMG 3056

I picked up an inexpensive shadow box at Ikea, chose a piece of scrapbook paper from my collection, and grabbed a couple of cotton balls along with 4 non-permanent mounting squares.

IMG 3057

First off, I prepared the slippers by tying the bows neatly and placing a cotton ball in each toe just to give them a little bit of depth.

IMG 3058

Then I place 2 mounting squares on the sole of each slipper, pressing them down firmly to ensure they were stuck well.

IMG 3059

After trimming my paper down to size, I simply stuck the slippers on how I wanted them.

IMG 3060

I reassembled the frame, and that was it – project complete!  Miss G showed her approval by squealing, giggling, and asking a gazillion questions the moment I showed her new keepsake to her, which made my mama heart happy.

Though we used ballet slippers for this project, I think it would be adorable with a first pair of actual shoes, or any ‘first’ item for that matter…  Baby’s first hat, a coming home from the hospital sleeper, a first karate belt, or a first medal.


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