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Play Dough Animal Dress-Up | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

Play dough is an everyday thing in our house.   Grae is free to use the bin of tools and dough we keep in the main living space of our home at any time and she also has a smaller set in her bedroom to use during quiet play time too.

IMG 3173

Also kept in her room is this organizer filled with animal miniatures, which is how her favourite new game came to be.  It started a couple of weeks ago.  It was right around Halloween and her animals needed costumes, naturally.  She called me into her room during her quiet play time one afternoon pleased as punch, and showed me how she’d transformed her animal into a superhero by adding a play dough cape.  She’s been enamoured ever since.

IMG 3176

Today, it’s how she started the day – animals, play dough, and bed head.  Here are some of her animal dough disguises…

IMG 3179

Super dino!

IMG 3182

Frog turned turtle.

IMG 3177

Pirate cat {notice the eye patch?}

IMG 3183

Ghosty dino.

IMG 3186

Hat wearing dino.

Kids are the very best, aren’t they?


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