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Plasticine Name Practice | Mama Papa Bubba

This was a totally impromptu activity that started when Miss G was digging through one of our craft bins and discovered a brand new package of plasticine.  Gracen really enjoyed it and it ended up incorporating several great skills – which makes it a win-win in my books.  ☺

IMG 3287

Because she loves cutting play dough with scissors and the plasticine came in pre-made worm shapes, she immediately grabbed her scissors and began chopping them up.  With plasticine being much more dense than our usual play dough, it proved to be a great hand muscle stregthening exercise, which was an added perk!

IMG 3290

As she began turning the little chunks she’d cut into balls and ‘worms’ (both of which are great for developing  motor skills and coordination), I retrieved a piece of card stock, printed her name on it, and set it out on the table for her to use if she wanted to.  She did.  Using the little balls and worms, she began covering her pencil-written name with plasticine.

IMG 3291

She wanted the plasticine to stick to the paper when it was help up, so she really pressed it down.  Smooshing clay down onto paper is a great finger strengthening activity and develops those fine motor skills too!

IMG 3293

As she ‘built’ each letter, she’d say its name and describe how it was formed, which was pretty adorable.  Sometimes impromptu activities like this one are the very best kind.


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