iPhoneography // Hello Gracen

Ever since moving back to Kuwait, Miss G has seen other kids strolling around The Avenues with elaborately painted faces done at Baroue.  By far, her favourite has been the full-face Hello Kitty design.  Until today, I’d slyly been putting it off, but when she asked this morning during breakfast, I agreed to go at least go and check it out.  Lo and behold, we arrived to find not a single person in line, so today was the day {oy}.  I sort of cringed as I watched her entire face being covered in paint, but it was fast, the face painter was excellent, and she was so thrilled with the outcome that I couldn’t help but be thrilled for her.  Plus, I’ll admit that she does make a pretty cute Hello Gracen. ☺

IMG 5687

IMG 5698

IMG 5698

For fellow Kuwait residents, the cost of the face painting at Baroue is KD 1.250, which needs to be paid at the register in advance.


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