Heidelberg: Day 1

Our first full day in Heidelberg, filled with walking, crisp air, warm drinks, delicious treats, and Christmas market fun…

IMG 4221

Morning play and a unifix cube reindeer.

IMG 4224

I spy Miss G swinging at the park across the street.

IMG 4228


IMG 4250

Time for the Christmas market!

IMG 4245


IMG 4235

Carousel ride number 2.

IMG 4242


IMG 4246

Umm, yum.

IMG 4247

Pretty cookies.

IMG 4251

The most delicious smelling tea.

IMG 4249

Choo- choo!

IMG 4253

Warm drinks.

IMG 4256

Altstadt {old town}.

IMG 4258

From the mall angels.

IMG 4261

Neckar river {and a foggy view of the castle}.

IMG 4265

A Christmas countdown surprise left to be discovered.

IMG 4266
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