A Day With Friends

This morning we met up with good friends and toured around the city together.  It was a day filled with cafes, restaurants, walking, glüwein, and Christmas markets, and though it wasn’t the most munchkin-friendly day, Miss G managed to hang in there until falling asleep in her stroller about 3 minutes after leaving dinner.  With Brad staying at a local pub for football night, I was going to make the 35 minute walk back to our apartment as quickly as possible for bedtime, but instead, I bundled my sleeping babe up tightly and leisurely made my way through the glowing shops and market stands, enjoying them one last time before they disappear tomorrow morning.  When we eventually arrived at our apartment, I lugged my sleeping girl upstairs, set her into her bed, and listened to her sleepy murmurs as I removed her boots and jacket in the dark.  I covered her up with her duvet, and she was out for the night.  It was a good day.

IMG 4274

Morning coffee.

IMG 4273

Uncle Daniel and Auntie Erin.  {We have them to thank for our visiting Heidelberg this year…  They stop in every year and were kind enough to let us tag along this time around.}

IMG 4276

A view of the castle.

IMG 4279

Found a little perch.

IMG 4284

Pretty buildings.

IMG 4286

Miss G’s replica of a photo she loves of Brad making a silly face with a statue in Rome {before she was born}.

IMG 4289


IMG 4295

Across the river.

IMG 4294

Bubbles on the bridge.

IMG 4298

When can we move in?

IMG 4299

A terrible photo, but too funny not to include.  Uncle Daniel made Grae her own play dough beer during lunch.

IMG 4302

Catching raindrops.

IMG 4308

Gorgeous paper lanterns.

IMG 4309

These stars are hung throughout the markets and down the main shopping and eating street.

IMG 4310

Now imagine an accordion being played in the background…

IMG 4316
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