Christmas Eve 2013

What a lovely Christmas Eve we had today…  We woke up to the most gorgeous sunrise, and after having some breakfast, enjoyed some low-key time around the apartment.  We read books, played with play dough and unifix cubes, and Gracen danced her way around the apartment in her favourite ever dress {from Over the Loom}.  When we were ready, we set off to the playground across the street and stayed there for most of the morning until we were chilly enough to warrant bringing hot mugs of tea over to sip on.  There were walks and naps in between, and then we all sat down together to make the dinner Miss G had requested – turkey and rice soup.  Afterwards, it was back outside in search of pretty lights and a playground to play at.  We arrived home with rosy cheeks, and Miss G opened 2 little wrapped packages, just as she always does on Christmas Eve – one containing a pair of cozy jammies and the other containing a holiday book to add to her collection {this year, How Many Sleeps Till Christmas by Mark Sperring}.  After she was snug in her bed for the night, Brad and I put on Love Actually, poured some wine, and wrapped up some gifts to place under our house plant turned Christmas tree {hey, you do what you gotta do, right? ☺}

Here’s our day in photos…

IMG 4323

IMG 4325

IMG 4331

IMG 4328
IMG 4333

IMG 4334

IMG 4340

IMG 4341

IMG 4354

IMG 4357

IMG 4365

IMG 4383

IMG 4391

IMG 4405

IMG 4412

IMG 4413

IMG 4419

IMG 4423

IMG 4428

IMG 4429

IMG 4434

IMG 4441

IMG 4444

IMG 4449

Happy Christmas Eve!

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