Gingerbread People Play Dough and Cookie Cutter Gifts

Gingerbread People Play Dough  Cookie Cutter Gifts | Mama Papa Bubba

I truly love giving gifts and it seems as though Gracen feels the same way.  Whether it is homemade ribbon wands or jars of pink sparkly slime for her ballet buddies, lavender rosemary bath fizzies or homemade cleaners for her grandmas, or fun play kits for her friends’ birthdays (we’ve done a craft kit, play dough kit, and a sensory play kit), she is genuinely tickled pink when she gets the opportunity to create something and give it to someone special.  

This year, we decided to make simple play dough gifts for her little friends around our building.  We borrowed the idea from one of my friends back home who brought pretty red heart-shaped cookie cutters filled with pink play dough to our most recent Valentine’s Day party (Hi, Tracy! ☺)  I loved the idea as soon as I saw it, and filed it away in my mental list of ‘things to create in the future’.  So when Gracen and I recently came across big, deep, and inexpensive gingerbread people cookie cutters at our local City Star (like a dollar / discount store back home), I knew exactly what we’d use them for!

IMG 4176

We started off by making a double batch of our yummy-smelling no-cook gingerbread play dough.  Then, we retrieved our cookie cutters and some trinkets to decorate the gingerbread people, just like we used in our gingerbread people play dough station.  My job was flattening the mass of dough fairly uniformly {keeping it nice and thick}, flipping it over to reveal the smooth non-handprinty side…

IMG 4175

And pressing the cutters down into the dough.

IMG 4177

Miss G had the really fun job…

IMG 4181

Decorating the people once I’d punched them out.

IMG 4173

Her people were hilariously cute and she was great about making sure she really pushed the decorations down into the dough so that they would stick.

IMG 4183

When she was done with them, I’d carefully slide them into plastic gift bags…

IMG 4187

Wrap a rubber band tightly around the top, and add a bow tied of ribbon on top.

IMG 4185

Cute, right?  And I love that because the cookie cutters are deep and the play dough fills them completely, when rolled out flat, the dough will be able to make several gingerbread people cutouts!  Hopefully these simple gingerbread people play dough and cookie cutter gifts will bring a little holiday cheer to our Dunes kids when they find them on their doorsteps this afternoon.  ☺

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2 thoughts on “Gingerbread People Play Dough and Cookie Cutter Gifts

  1. this is the cutest thing ever! Wish I spotted this before Xmas… but maybe I will do a take on it w different dough and cookie cutters! Thanks :)

  2. May I ask where you found the clear multi compartment box with red and green play dough at the top of this post?
    Those are perfect.

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