Heidelberg Castle

Despite the rain, we bundled up, walked the 40 minutes to Hauptstaße, and then hiked up the steep cobblestone hill {Brad pushing G in her stroller, bless his heart} to Schloss Heidelberg (aka Heidelberg Castle) today.  Miss G wasn’t at her best and it undoubtedly would have been more fun on a day that it wasn’t pouring rain, but my goodness – was it ever fascinating to roam around a castle as old as this one, soaking in little bits of the history.

Here’s a peek at Miss G’s first ever castle visit…

IMG 4659

IMG 4660

IMG 4663

IMG 4669

IMG 4671

IMG 4674

IMG 4676

IMG 4677

IMG 4683

IMG 4685

IMG 4690

IMG 4702

IMG 4705

IMG 4715

IMG 4722

IMG 4724

IMG 4726

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