A Cinderella Dress

IMG 4605

Early this morning my little love padded across the flat, her gorgeous ruby starlet sparkle dress in hand, and asked, ‘Mama, will you please help me?  I’m dressing up like Cinderella.’

‘Sure I will, baby doll.’

The look completed with a top knot and her satin ruffled headband as requested, she began to tiptoe, twirl, and glide around the apartment like it was her very first time in a fancy dress.

IMG 4602

Only a couple of days in her possession and it’s undoubtably in the very favourite, save for the fanciest of occasions, magical dress category along with her pink sequin tulle party dress.  Dresses that make her move differently.

IMG 4606

While perfect for warmer months, paired with black tights, a sparkly shrug, and her bow cutout shoo tie flats, it made the perfect outfit for Christmas dinner a couple of days ago.

Thank you so much, Over the Loom.  Your pieces are stunning and absolutely adored by my little lady.



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