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Because pretty much everything is shut down from Christmas Eve through Boxing Day here in Heidelberg, today was our first real day out and exploring with Grandma Charlotte.  We took her down to the main pedestrian / shopping area in the city, went out for a delicious lunch, explored side streets, shops, and playgrounds, and walked along the river.  Grae napped in her stroller, so we were pretty much out and about all day and then finished off the evening with a stop at the park across the street from our flat and a game of Hungry Hippos.  ☺

Here’s our day in photos…

IMG 4550

‘Mama, I don’t want my picture taken.’

IMG 4553

Brezel time.

IMG 4558

A new playground!

IMG 4562

Beep! Beep!

IMG 4569

Sunshine on a steeple.

IMG 4572

Pretty graffiti.

IMG 4575

I ♥ these old streets.

IMG 4580

Along the river.

IMG 4586

Sleeping beauty.

IMG 4591

A sleeping babe means Mama can wander around admiring architecture.

IMG 4593

A vertical garden.

IMG 4596


IMG 4638

Cheese ball sous chef.

IMG 4643

Park time.

IMG 4647

Sand. on. tongue.  Ewwwww!

IMG 4653

A Hungry Hippos night cap.


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