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Little Artist s Drawing Kit | Mama Papa Bubba

There’s no doubt that we’ve been all about the ‘kit gifts’ this year…  Since moving to Kuwait, we’ve brought craft kits, play dough kits, and sensory play kits to Grae’s little friends’ birthday parties, and today we added type of kit to our gift list…  A drawing kit!  As soon as the birthday girl’s mom told me that she loved to draw, I knew we could put together a fun and easy kit filled with items that any little artist would love.  

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We wanted the items to be sort of special – different than the usual paper, pencils, and crayons at least – so we set off in search of some really fun items.  Here’s what we found…  Melissa & Doug’s picture frame paper, a pad of high-quality watercolour paper, a Melissa & Doug drawing pad, Blendy Pens {which were ridiculously overpriced here, but look really neat}, some oil pastels, a set of watercolour pencils {a favourite in this house!}, and a big pack of new Crayola markers.

IMG 6050

With our supplies purchased, we set off to find a fun container to put it all in…  Lo and behold, our go-to shop, City Star, came through for us again!  They had these sturdy, stackable bins in all different colours and they were a perfect fit for our big drawing pads.

IMG 6052

My little helper neatly placed all of our items inside…

IMG 6057

And then we finished off the gift with some pretty baker’s twine and a little tag.  We didn’t even worry about wrapping it because it looked cute just the way it was.  That’s it.  A super simple gift for a little artist who loves to draw.


For more inspiration, check out Mama Miss‘ awesome Little Picasso Gift Box, which is the perfect combination for kids who love both drawing and crafting.


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