An Indoor Beach

Indoor Beach With Edible Sand | Mama Papa Bubba

We’ve made many beach-themed sensory bins in Miss G’s {almost} 3.5 years and I’ve got to say, they’re always a hit.  I mean, who wouldn’t want a miniature indoor beach to play at, right?!  

IMG 6092

Though our Kuwait weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately, I find we tend to put together indoor beach bins later in the winter when we’re longing for a little bit of sunshine and warm weather.  Create your play space near a big window, pop on some cheerful music {or a wave soundtrack for an extra bit of authenticity} and you’ve got the perfect little pick-me-up when the long winter days are beginning to get old.

IMG 6105

We seem to make our beach bins differently each time, but this particular one was a definite favourite!

IMG 6137

Our ‘sand’ was absolutely perfect for creating castles…

IMG 6129

IMG 6127

And sandmen too!  And even better?  It’s technically edible, so it’s safe for even the littlest explorers.

IMG 6165

Grae enjoyed it so much that it wasn’t long before she was right IN the bin…

IMG 6167

And then somehow this happened. {I have no idea.}

For all of the details, including our awesome edible sand recipe, pop on over to CBC Parents and see our Make Your Own Indoor Beach post.


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