Beach Morning

Another gorgeous morning and a few new sand toys meant another day spent at Anjafa Beach today.  We scoured the beach for treasures, opened a treasure shop, built sand castles, talked to stray kitties, and took about a gazillion photos…  It was a good morning and I’m so, so grateful for the lovely weather we’ve been having here in Kuwait.  Before long, we’ll be be melting from the heat, so we’re soaking it in while we can.

IMG 6173

IMG 6179

IMG 6180

IMG 6181

IMG 6183

IMG 6190

IMG 6192

IMG 6196

IMG 6201

IMG 6202

IMG 6204

IMG 6213

IMG 6215

IMG 6218

IMG 6222

IMG 6225

IMG 6230

IMG 6237

IMG 6233

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