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I had actually planned spice painting as an open-ended activity for my Crafty Kids students today, but between making senses books, creating squishy sensory balls, and exploring the magic that is slime, we didn’t get to it.  Not to worry though, between Gracen and a handful of friends, the paint got plenty of use down in the courtyard this afternoon.

IMG 6257

Our spice paints really couldn’t have been more simple to create.  All I did was select some spices from our cupboard (cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, and chili powder in this case), mix them with water, and let them sit for a few hours before using them.  The result was decently vibrant paint that both smelled and technically tasted {though we didn’t really explore that element} while leaving an interesting textured finish.

IMG 6266

Grae and her friends created several pieces of collaborative art in the afternoon sun while experimenting with colour and scent mixing.

IMG 6272

The paints dried very similarly to regular watercolours, and surprisingly, the bits of spices dried right onto the paper, leaving the texture element in tact.  We had so much fun with this that we’ll definitely be trying it again soon, but next time with different spices…  So far tandoori spice and turmeric are definitely on our ‘to try’ list.

There’s really no right way to create spice paints…  I was going for more of a watercolour-type paint, so I used a few teaspoons of spice to a 1/4 cup or so of water.  What I do know is that the longer the paints sit, the more vibrant they become, so making them ahead of time is a good idea.


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