Anjafa Beach

Today we ventured down to Anjafa Beach to check out the fun-looking playground we’d passed by a few days back, but were disappointed to find that while it looked cool from the road, it was basically a hot mess up close.  Other than being filthy {something we’ve grown very used to when it comes to playgrounds in Kuwait}, many pieces of equipment were broken {and sharp} and the play area was surrounded by construction holes, wires sticking out of the ground, and stacks of bricks.  Not quite what we were hoping for….

Luckily though, the beach area in the same park was quite lovely.  Besides a few fishermen way down the way, we pretty much had the entire thing to ourselves and spent the morning finding treasures, dipping our toes in the cool waves, and making footprints and drawings in the untouched sand. It was a really lovely morning.  Now if only the weather would stay just like this year round…

IMG 5713

IMG 5707
IMG 5725

IMG 5717

IMG 5729

IMG 5730

IMG 5733

IMG 5734

IMG 5736

IMG 5740

IMG 5744

IMG 5745

IMG 5748

IMG 5750

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IMG 5755


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