Visiting the Horses at Messila Horse Stables

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This morning as my little love and I snuggled in bed as we always do, I asked her what she’d like to do today.  Her response?  ‘Go to a farm!!’  Oh dear.  While I do know of one organic farm in Kuwait that I’d actually really like to visit, I wasn’t prepared for today being the day.  After taking a moment to give it some thought, I remembered the horses I’ve seen at the 207 exit while travelling down the 30 recently…  Luckily Miss G thought visiting horses on the side of a highway was close enough to a day spent at a farm, so that was that. 

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We got dressed, she retrieved a non-fiction book on horses, and our day was officially declared a ‘learning all about horses’ day by the little lady {because why not, right?}

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We made a quick stop off at a nearby fruit and veggie market, filled a bag full of apples and carrots, and made our way to these guys.

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To say that Grae was a little excited would be an understatement.

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Soon after pulling up, one of the horses’ caregivers made his way over to us.

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For a moment I thought he was going to ask what we were doing there, but it was just the opposite.  Despite having very little English, he made it clear that we were welcome to visit and feed the horses as much as we pleased.

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We learned that this little colt is just a couple of months old and that he does not have a name {nor do any of the other horses}.

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We also learned that 4 of the horses in the enclosure are pregnant and will have foals in the next few months, which is definitely something to look forward to.

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Grae was so excited to spend time with the horses and insisted on walking all the way around the enclosure twice so we would not miss seeing any of them.

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What we didn’t expect to see was a whole bunch of these guys scurry out from the weeds as we made our way around.  This photo doesn’t actually show their size – they were huge and it took everything I had to put on my oh-wow-those-are-so-cool face instead of my EEEK-bugs!-run! face.

IMG 6483

The horses loved our treats, though Miss G wasn’t a fan of the ‘glitchy glimey goo’ they left on her hands – hahah!

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We had such a good time visiting the horses that we’ll definitely be back soon.  Grae’s even hoping that we’ll get to see a baby being born.  ☺


Kuwait friends, click here for the exact location of the Messila Horse Stables if you’d like to visit the horses too.


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