Flower Stamping With Celery and Potatoes

Celery and Potatoe Flower Stamping

Creating a flower stamp with the base of a celery stalk is one of those things that has gone around Pinterest multiple times {I think this may be the original post}, but because Miss G and I wanted to try it with a group of friends, I wanted to have several flower stamps on hand.  The trouble is, I didn’t want to have to buy several heads of celery just to create stamps {partly because it’s wasteful and partly because celery costs 3 or 4 times more here in Kuwait than it does back home!}

IMG 8257

I wasn’t sure if binding a bunch of stalks together with rubber bands would work, but it totally did. Just for fun, I created a couple of simple leaf stamps using the old-fashioned potato stamp method too.

IMG 8258

We paired our veggie stamps with some washable tempera paints…

IMG 8268

And got this!

IMG 6255

At home we stamped several pieces of paper just to enjoy the process, but at Bright Minds, the kids’ artwork was turned into beautiful laminated placemats for them to take home and enjoy day after day.  Pretty, right?


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