No-Sew Snake Sock Stuffie

No Sew Snake Sock Stuffie | Mama Papa Bubba

Miss G and I picked up these ridiculously awesome knee socks at Target during one of our cross-border shopping trips long ago…  At the time, I didn’t really know what we’d make with them, but I did know that they were awesome and had a lot of potential, so into the cart {along with two other pairs} they went!  Somehow, we didn’t get around to using them while still in Canada, so we packed them up in our Kuwait luggage and transported them to the other side of the planet {naturally}.  

IMG 6551

Well, a couple days ago Gracen and I finally put a single sock to good use {only 5 more to go}!  It went from an awesome knee-high sock to an even awesomer soft and squishy pet snake that is already very well loved.

IMG 6544

Meet Snakey.  She’s a fun and cuddly little snake who loves to ‘jump up in the air’ and ‘ride around necks’, according to Miss G.

IMG 6548

She was also very easy to make and required absolutely no sewing {win!}

IMG 6553

For all of the details, including detailed step-by-step instructions, pop on over to CBC Parents and see our No-Sew Snake Sock Stuffie post.


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