Chalk on the Trampoline

Chalk On the Trampoline | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

This afternoon we tried the neatest thing…  Using chalk on the trampoline!  My sister-in-law suggested the idea and the kids absolutely loved it.  The chalk went on smoothly and vibrantly, and in no time, the trampoline was transformed into a giant chalkboard-esque canvas.

IMG 9694

Grae and I started on a collaborative rainbow…

IMG 9689

While Kinslee drew her Auntie with a bright pink side pony {awesome}…

IMG 9698

And Chay worked on a skeleton rock band {also awesome}.

IMG 9700

The kids just loved it.

IMG 9702

Of course the chalk does rub off easily, so we made sure to dress the kids in play clothes ahead of time and we were careful not to walk on others’ art during the drawing session {well, most of the time at least}.

The fun went on and on for our little artists…

IMG 9704

IMG 9708

IMG 9710

IMG 9714

IMG 9715

IMG 9716

IMG 9718

IMG 9719

IMG 9726

IMG 9730

IMG 9731

IMG 9736

Until eventually, it was time to jump!

IMG 9746

Oh, and did they ever jump.

IMG 9759

And before long, the chalk drawings had pretty much disappeared off of the trampoline…

IMG 9757

And transferred onto their legs, feet, and clothes of course, but that’s nothing a bath and a load of laundry won’t fix. ☺


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3 thoughts on “Chalk on the Trampoline

  1. I do this all the time when I babysit. The kids love the new environment. Plus its an easy clean-up activity for me , that keeps them busy for hours.

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