Boating at Sylvan Lake

Growing up, we spent a lot of time out on the lake.  My dad barefooted, my mom slalomed, and my brother and I loved to tube, kneeboard, and spend time ‘swimming’ in the middle of the lake.  I can’t count the number of times Gary and I cocooned ourselves in dry towels and spent the bumpy ride back to the marina tucked right under the dash after a long day of sunshine, wind, and water.  Oh, the days… Some of my favourite childhood memories, without a doubt.

Well today, we got to begin creating those same with our own little ones.  After wanting one for many, many years, my brother finally bought himself a boat a few days ago.  A beautiful one.  A big wakeboard boat with a great sound system and room for plenty of munchkins and friends.  And though the weather forecast looked terrible last night, we decided to stick with our original plan of heading to Slyvan Lake for the weekend and I’m so glad we did.  We spent our afternoon and evening on the water soaking in the sunshine, blue skies, and fresh air {yay for inaccurate weather reports!} and paused only for a moment to pick up some dinner from shore.

The highlight of the day?  My very cautious, very sensitive water-loving little lady went tubing for her very first time ever.  I was a wee bit surprised when Uncle Gary asked who would like to try tubing and Miss G immediately responded with a loud, ‘ME!!’, but after hearing about the possible outcomes and watching her cousins try it first, she was still raring to go, so she did.  And she loved it too.  She loved it so much, in fact, that she spent a good part of her time behind the boat singing ‘Let it Go’, complete with the dramatic arm movements. Hah!  The day ended with a very proud Captain Grae taking us home for a very late bedtime, but it was absolutely worth the tired grumpiness that will undoubtedly ensue tomorrow morning.

Here’s our day in {a ridiculous number of} photos…

IMG 9770
IMG 9777

IMG 9782

IMG 9785

IMG 9791

IMG 9802

IMG 9810

IMG 9813

IMG 9816

IMG 9827

IMG 9829

IMG 9844

IMG 9845

IMG 9848

IMG 9857

IMG 9859

IMG 9862

IMG 9867

IMG 9872

IMG 9888

IMG 9892

IMG 9897

IMG 9902

IMG 9905

IMG 9909

IMG 9910

IMG 9915

IMG 9920

IMG 9922

IMG 9935

IMG 9946

IMG 9952

IMG 9955

Tomorrow we’re off to Baba’s for a visit!


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