At Baba’s House

With the weather forecast calling for a whole lot of rain today, we decided to pack up the crew and head to our Baba’s house a couple of days early today.  Turns out that the weather was pretty awesome and we probably could have had another lovely day out on Sylvan Lake, but there’s truly no better place than Baba’s house.  Here, you’re given little glass bowls of honey to dip your popcorn into.  Here, picking beautiful flowers from the gardens is allowed.  Here, latex gloves are rounded up and distributed in hopes of making bubble catching missions more successful.  Here, everyone drinks from fancy glass goblets and there’s not a bat of an eye when one breaks in two.  Here, you’re welcomed with open arms, even on the shortest of notice…

IMG 9963

IMG 9971

IMG 9975

IMG 9988

IMG 0005

IMG 0010

IMG 0010

IMG 0024

IMG 0047

IMG 0055

We love you, Baba!

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