Playground Morning in Cochrane

One thing we just cannot get enough of while in Canada is the awesome parks and playgrounds.  During the two years we spent in Vancouver between Kuwait stints, Miss G and I started every morning with a walk around the neighbourhood and an inevitable stop at a playground of some sort.  Sadly, in Kuwait that’s just not our reality.  Heading out the door for a brisk walk around the neighbourhood is next to impossible, playgrounds are few and far between and not at all well maintained, and much of the year it’s too hot to spend half of your day outdoors {especially on playground equipment}.  SO, we make the most of it while we can.  A summer filled with park and playground visits simply can’t be a bad thing, right?

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IMG 0326

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This morning we took the munchkins to a brand new playground in Cochrane and it was a blast.  The kids played and played while Roz and I sipped on hot teas and visited with a friend who I actually met through this little blog o’ mine {gosh, I love technology}.

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