Frog Catching & Donkey Riding

Whew!  What a day.  Knowing that we had a babysitter hired for tonight, our goal for this afternoon was to tire the munchkins out as much as possible in hopes of having them all in bed before leaving.  Our plan?  An afternoon outdoors and a heavy dose of fresh air, sunshine, and physical activity.

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First up was frog catching.  We headed out with a bucket and though we tried our best to be still and quiet, our mission wasn’t overly successful {not one frog caught!}  We did, however, find and catch several snails, which the kids were very pleased with.

IMG 1305

IMG 1313

And while Grae enjoyed the frog hunting, she particularly enjoyed the long grass.  Without a word of exaggeration, she spent a good portion of our time down by the pond stroking it, rolling through it, and telling the grass how much she loved it {no joke – nature deprived much? Poor kid!}

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Afterwards it was time for chores.  Eggs got collected from the chicken coup, the animals all got fed, the donkeys were loved on and groomed, and the escapee goats were caught {for the hundredth time} and returned to their pen.

Here’s a little video of her riding her first donkey…  I just love her expression when Millhouse finally starts walking!

IMG 1337

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to a little melon picnic before a dinner and an early bedtime, for one out of the 4 kiddos, at least. ☺


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