A Playhouse for Miss G

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After meeting Brad in the Calgary airport and arriving in BC last night, Miss G woke up this morning, threw on some gumboots, and headed out into the backyard.

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She wasn’t exploring for more than a couple of minutes when we heard her shout, ‘WHAT IN THE WORLD?!  COME!  COOOOME!  COME ON GUYS!!’  What was all of the excitement about?  She’d discovered a brand new play house tucked along the fence right near her tire swing and was surprised to say the least.  {Can we say spoiled much?!}

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IMG 1364

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Boots left outside the door, she immediately headed in to explore and found it already furnished and perfectly decorated.

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IMG 1376

IMG 1379

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IMG 1385

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IMG 1396

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Throughout the morning, several more items made their way out to the playhouse, and later in the day when we had made a fresh batch of our edible peanut butter play dough, that made its way out too.

IMG 1385

I think we’ll be spending a whole lot of time in this special little house during our summers at home…


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