Polka Dotted Blueberry Lemonade Popsicles

Polka Dotted Blueberry Lemonade Popsicles | Mama Papa Bubba

This silly little idea came to me the other day when I was looking at the huge box of fresh blueberries we had sitting on the kitchen counter. The Okanagan has been pretty warm recently, so turning some of our blueberry stash into popsicles seemed like a good thing to do. The thing is, I have a weird thing about blending fresh, local fruit.  I just can’t do it.  Especially not berries.  Not even in the name of popsicles.  {Living a berry-deprived life in Kuwait for several years has obviously gotten to me.}  Since we love frozen blueberries as a snack, why couldn’t our beloved berries stay whole and become popsicles?  There’s no reason they couldn’t!  Add some organic, no-sugar-added lemonade, and you’ve got polka dotted blueberry lemonade popsicles! ☺

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Here’s what we used to make our yummy pops…  Fresh blueberries, the lemonade, some small red cups left over from Miss G’s doctor-themed birthday party, and some small wooden ice cream sticks.  Of course, regular popsicle moulds would work too.

IMG 2295

IMG 2292

To start off, we held our wooden sticks upright in the centre of our little cups while we filled the remaining space with blueberries.

IMG 2298

IMG 2301

Then Miss G carefully poured our lemonade over the berries so the cups were filled almost to the top.

IMG 2366
That’s it.  We placed the cups into a large flat container, then put them in the freezer overnight and the next day we had these fun little polka dotted pops.  They’re both sweet and tart at the same time and make for a perfect treat on a warm day.

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