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Simple Backyard Bed Sheet Tent | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

As a girl, I adored spending time in special little forts and hideaways, and now I love creating similar spaces for Miss G to cozy up in.  Though we’re huge fans of our super simple backyard teepee, this summer we decided to try something new – a simple triangular tent created using only a few things from around the house.

IMG 1389

IMG 1394

IMG 1404

IMG 1378

Besides choosing our gorgeous floral sheet {a wedding gift her grandma and grandpa received 40 years ago!}, Grae also selected all sorts of beautiful items to decorate her special space – a vintage apple crate, a mason jar of wildflowers, a handmade bear, and a stack of books included.

IMG 1410

IMG 1419

After making our way through all of the books and chatting about all kinds of interesting topics, it was time for a snack.  Of course, a special tent required a special snack, so homemade ice cream with coconut sprinkles in cones it was.

IMG 1454

IMG 1458

IMG 1466

IMG 1475

We had such a wonderful afternoon in our tent, and I couldn’t help but head back outdoors later in the evening to capture the tent in the beautiful warm sunlight.

IMG 1485

For detailed instructions on how to make your own backyard hideaway, pop on over to CBC Parents to see our simple backyard bed sheet tent tutorial.


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