After Dinner Exploring

On the way home from visiting family this afternoon, Miss G napped in the car from about 3:30 until almost 6:00 p.m.  Definitely not the best move for a little lady who is normally in bed for the night by 6:30 p.m., but I was car sick and the lack of questions being fired in my direction provided some much appreciated quiet.  So a late car nap it was – meh.  Key to not having a little lady up until 10 p.m., however, was getting outside and getting some fresh air and physical activity after dinner.  So that’s what we did… Went exploring!  We fed the cows, visited the Aunties, and collected berries and flowers along the way.  The plan turned out perfectly and we had a bathed bubba happily tucked in bed by 8:30.  And some pretty pictures of our evening adventure. ☺

IMG 1219

IMG 1221

IMG 1222

IMG 1228

IMG 1230

IMG 1233

IMG 1240

IMG 1243

IMG 1244

IMG 1235

IMG 1245

IMG 1248

IMG 1255

IMG 1259

IMG 1267

IMG 1268

IMG 1275

IMG 1282

IMG 1283

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