Cupcake Liner Flower Crown

Cupcake Liner Flower Crown | Mama Papa Bubba

I absolutely love all of the gorgeous flower crowns I’ve seen floating around the internet lately, but thought it would be fun to come up with a kid-friendly version that Miss G could pretty much create on her own.  That’s when I remembered the pretty poppy wreath we made last year for Remembrance Day.  The flowers we created out of cupcake liners turned out  beautifully and Grae loved putting them together, so a cupcake liner flower crown it was.

IMG 2903

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Here’s what we used to create our crowns…  First off, the cupcake liners, of course.  We used small Wilton ones, like these.  We also used my favourite crafting glue of all time, Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue, plus some ribbon, some sequins, and scissors.

IMG 2907

The whole process was really easy.  First, I took the stacks of cupcake liners and turned them inside out, so that the coloured side was in the inside of the liner, instead of the on the outside as they usually are.  Then, I quickly cut around the tops of the liners with a wavy line so that they better resembled flowers.

IMG 2909

Then I handed things off to Miss G.  She glued a bunch of pretty sequins in the centre of each flower using our Tacky Glue.

IMG 2913

She created ten of these in total {even though this photo only shows nine}.

IMG 2912

After allowing our flowers to dry and gently tipping out any extra un-stuck sequins, we glued the flowers onto a length of ribbon about one and a half times the diameter of Miss G’s head.  The key here is that you want the flowers very close together {so they’re pressed right up against one another – we learned this the hard way} and you want them centred in the middle of the ribbon so that there is lots of extra non-flowery ribbon left on each side.

IMG 2916

We left our crown to dry overnight, and tried it on this morning by simply typing a bow at the nape of her neck.

IMG 2922

We also tried tying it around the back of her head so that it had more of a flower child look, which I think looks pretty cute too. ☺

IMG 2929

Miss G loved it both ways and told me that she thought it looked ‘very fancy and beautiful’. which is just perfect for my fancy-loving girl.


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