I Am Special {a book by Gracen}

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Oh my goodness….  This little lady is all about writing books right now.  It started one day near the end of summer just after I had made a little book for her.  After making one for me in return, she and Brad teamed up to create several books for family members, he as the scribe and she as the illustrator and storyteller.  Since then, the fascination has continued…  We have all sorts of books by Gracen around the house, ‘The Magical Keychain’ and ‘Life in Kuwait’ included.  Until the just a couple of days ago, all of her stories had been of the freeform variety, but when I saw this little I Am Special printable book, I knew that she’d love it.

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Oh my, was I ever right!  When I took it out yesterday to see if she would like to work on it, she was beyond thrilled.  We got out a pencil, an eraser, some crayons, and she immediately said, ‘Mama, let’s pretend this school, okay??’  Sure, sweet girl.  Let’s pretend it’s school.

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I thought we might get the cover done that day, but page after page, she wanted to continue and we only stopped because I eventually had to go tutoring.

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We finished off the remainder of the pages this morning {pretty much as soon as we were out of bed} and because she was so proud of herself, laminated it right then too.

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For now it’s held together with some yarn, but our plan is to replace it with proper book rings so that the pages turn a little more easily.

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I know I’m completely biased, but I just think it’s the cutest thing ever.

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This page is probably my favourite. The red blobs are hearts ‘because we love each other’.  {Don’t mind the fact that I’ve made a poor attempt at erasing our full address.}

IMG 2948

I also love that when she grows up she wants to be a doctor AND a mermaid AND a firefighter – heehee!

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The best part is that she’s so proud of her new book that she loves reading it aloud to others.  So far she’s taken it over to our friends’ house so she could read it to them and she has plans to have her two little friends from downstairs up so that she can read it to them also. ☺


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5 thoughts on “I Am Special {a book by Gracen}

  1. Oh my goodness – she is too cute! I wouldn’t you believe that I have this exact same printable in the works (about half way done for over 6 mths) lol – I tell ya mama – If I didn’t know better I’d think we were able to see each other through our laptops or something ;)

  2. It’s so cute!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful mini book. That’s perfect for my first back to school week!!! THANKS !!!

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