5 Fun Toastimals {made with bananas, berries, bread, and spread}

5 Fun Toastimals With Bananas Berries Bread  Spread | Mama Papa Bubba

So though I haven’t mentioned it yet, Miss G and I have been pretty much stuck in the house for the last week and a bit…  We’re not sure what’s going on, but she’s dealing with some sort of bladder issue that is causing her to have to go every few minutes, the poor thing.  Needless to say, our usual routine of being out of the house every morning on fun adventures and meet-ups with friends is not happening right now. It’s just too hard.

In the meantime, we’re getting things done around the house {like painting a chalkboard wall finally and adding new pictures to our photo wall} and trying out some fun new activities.  This morning, we decided that we’d have some fun with our breakfast!  Instead of toast and fruit {a regular morning meal in our house}, we used our ingredients to create adorable little toast animals {or TOASTIMALS thanks to our friend Tairalyn} and admittedly, we had waaaay too much fun doing it.

IMG 3006

The best part is that all of our toastimals can be made with these four ingredients – bread, your favourite spread, bananas, and berries (strawberries and blueberries to be specific).  For ours, we used delicious walnut bread from Paul and almond butter, though cream cheese did make an appearance part way through. {Honey or any other nut butter would be good too!}

IMG 3007

Before starting, we sketched out some of our ideas…  First, I was the drawer, and then Gracen added to our idea sheet afterwards.  Her illustrations include monkey toast {my drawing wasn’t doing it for her I guess}, FRUIT FLY toast {bahahahaha!}, and lizard toast {plus a cloud and some rain of course}.

IMG 3013

Then it was time to get to work.  Here are the 5 fun toastimals we came up with…

IMG 3014

A bear {a favourite though not a new idea – we’ve been making this one since Miss G was wee}…

IMG 3010

A kitty…

IMG 3021

An owl…

IMG 3031

A monkey…

IMG 3033

And a chicken!

IMG 3022

This poor guy did not get Miss G’s stamp of approval, sadly.  He was supposed to be a pig, but kind of turned out looking like a dog or a bull or something else, and she declared him ‘very mix-upded’.  Perhaps we’ll have to rework him and try again next time…

IMG 3038

For now, however, I have to say that our little zoo of approved toast animals is pretty cute.  ☺


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