A Day in the Life of Miss G {4 years old}

A Day In the Life of Miss G | Mama Papa Bubba

As much as I love all of the special moments, projects, and vacations, I love the everyday just as much.  So, when I started blogging just over 4 years ago, I thought I’d do a ‘day in the life’ post every six months or so in order to have a concrete memory of how our days looked throughout the stages. To date, I have two of these posts.  One from when Miss G was a wee little thing, and one from when she was just a few months shy of turning two.  Whoopsies.  Time to step it up a notch.  Here’s what our days are looking like currently, with my newly minted 4 year old in our current home of Kuwait…

IMG 3099

6:03 a.m. // I hear little footsteps pad down the hallway towards our bedroom.  Gracen appears in the doorway with the cup of milk and snack box she’s already retrieved from the fridge and greets me with her eager, ‘Good morning, Mama!’  Brad is gone to the work for the day as he usually is at this time, so  Miss G snuggles into the bed with me to enjoy her morning snack and some videos.  After about 25 minutes of watching Cute Girls Hairstyles videos {her new favourite}, I force myself fully awake and ask her to trade in the iPad for some books.  We read and cuddle for another 10 minutes or so until it’s finally time to get out of bed for the day.

IMG 3103

6:50  a.m. //  While I brush my teeth and wash my face, Gracen helps herself to a yogurt cup and {sneakily} eats at her literacy table while drawing and writing.

IMG 3105

7:30 a.m. // Grae gets dressed and it’s clean-up time for us both.  Miss G works on tidying her bedroom and picking up her things from around the house while I clean-up our room, put a load of laundry in, and tidy the main room.

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8:15 a.m. //  Grae and I head to the kitchen to prepare one of our favourite treats to bring along to this morning’s play school co-op – wholewheat cheddar crackers.  She picks the two leaf cookie cutters in our new set of mini Wilton Halloween cookie cutters and we begin making what feels like a GAZILLION tiny crackers.

IMG 3114

9:00 a.m. //  While the crackers bake, we have some leftover french toast for our real breakfast {Gracen’s a hungry little thing in the morning} and G chooses to have hers with some almond butter, hemp hearts, chia seeds, cinnamon, and a drizzle of honey.

IMG 3120

IMG 3115

9:20 a.m. //  Our first batch of crackers is done and Miss G gives them her stamp of approval.  While the second batch bakes, I have world’s fastest shower.

IMG 3118

9:27 a.m. // While I quickly get ready for the day, Grae decides that she’d like to have a bath just for fun {even though we normally do them at night}.  I happily agree and turn on the water because it means that the monkey who normally digs through my stuff and fires off constant questions while I get ready will be happily playing on her own for a bit.

IMG 3123

9:50 a.m. // We’re both dressed {or in G’s case, redressed} and out the door.  We head to our friend’s beachfront apartment for our weekly Sunday morning play school co-op.

IMG 3129

IMG 3136

IMG 3151

IMG 3167

10:15 a.m. // Our playdate begins with the munchkins searching the beach for pirate’s treasure.  The kids get sufficiently wet and sandy before we head in {hot and sweaty} for the rest of the fun.

IMG 3180

11: 10 a.m. // Using their pirate’s treasure and some additional sticky-backed jewels, the kids decorate crowns and enjoy lots of free play time while the mommies guzzle back coffee and catch up on the week’s happenings in the small moments that allow them to.  Together, we all sing and dance to several nursery rhymes before heading home around quarter past noon.

IMG 3185

IMG 3186

12:45 p.m. // We’re back home for lunch which is a ‘share platter’ {Miss G’s current favourite} as requested.  We eat things in twos and chat about our morning before both having some quiet time.

IMG 3191

IMG 3193

1:03 p.m. // Quiet playtime begins.  We set the timer for one hour, turn on some music, and Miss G spends her time dancing, playing dress-up, writing cards for friends, and playing with play dough.  While she plays in her room, I tidy up from lunch, unpack our bag from the morning, get my inbox back down to ‘0’ unread messages, and prepare a few things for my afternoon tutoring sessions.

IMG 3190

2:03 p.m. // My ballerina princess pops her head out of her bedroom door to let me know that her timer has gone and it’s time to clean-up.  She works on that while I fill a water bottle and prepare an afternoon snack and pop both into the fridge.  When we’re both done, we snuggle up on the couch, read a few more stories and watch the ‘I Choose You’ music video together.

IMG 3194

IMG 3195

2:30 p.m.  //  We sit down at her literacy table together and do a journal entry.  She begins by drawing a picture {two fish swimming in the ocean} and then creates a story to go along with it.  She dictates the story to me, I record it for her, and then we colour the picture.

IMG 3196

3:00 p.m. // Our housekeeper Carmaline arrives to take care of G for a little bit pretty much as does one of our little friends from downstairs.  I quickly get the two munchkins set up with some LEGO, spend two minutes getting myself ready, and I’m out the door for tutoring by 3:05 p.m. while Gracen and her buddy stay in the care of Carmaline.

IMG 0641

IMG 0660

3:35 p.m. // Brad arrives home from work and after they say goodbye to both Carmaline and Grae’s little friend, she serenades Papa for a while {at this point, I’m just beginning my first tutoring session of the evening}.  They spend the afternoon together playing and catching up before it’s time to start making dinner.

IMG 3198

5:16 p.m. // Dinner time for Grae.  Brad’s not a huge cook and since I didn’t manage to put anything in the slow cooker earlier in the day, the ‘Papa special’ is whipped up {wholewheat pasta with a couple of types of steamed veggies and some sort of protein – chickpeas, tofu, etc.}, which Gracen loves.  They chat while she eats and then her bedtime routine begins around 5:45 p.m.

IMG 0666
6:06 p.m.  The munchkin is tucked into bed after a potty break, teeth brushing, two stories, and a cuddle.  I’ve finished my second tutoring session by now and am almost home, but miss tucking my girl in by 10 minutes or so.  I wait until I know she’s asleep and sneak in to pull her covers up and give her a goodnight kiss.  By this time, Brad’s already ordered some take-out dinner for us and while we wait for it to be delivered, I tidy up the house, pack tomorrow morning’s snack box, and fill Miss G’s cup with milk before tucking both into the fridge.  I’m feeling absolutely awful tonight for some reason {chills, headache, freezing cold}, so I climb into bed with my laptop in hopes of getting some stuff done.  Dinner arrives and I eat about a quarter of it before putting the rest in the fridge.  Brad enjoys his dinner and some downtime and I end up falling asleep by 8:30 p.m. which is a true sign that I’m fighting off a bug as am a night owl through and through.  By 9:30 p.m. our house is dark and quiet as we all rest up to do it all again tomorrow.

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13 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Miss G {4 years old}

  1. What a lovely day with playing, learning and quiet time. Do you think it is too late to start the quiet idea with a 5yr old and a 2yr old? Maybe start with 5-10mins! Also what have you left in the snack box for breakfast? Love that idea too although I am always up before both babes but it would be handy for them to get it while I get other things ready. Hope you are feeling better and have a fun day today x

    1. Thanks, Nicolah! I think starting a quiet playtime routine now would be just fine, and I think your idea of starting with a very short period of time and slowly increasing it would be perfect.

      Good for you for always being up before the munchkins… Ultimately, I’d love to do the same, but at this point it’s too tricky with my late nights. Once she’s in school it’ll be a different story, I’m sure. G’s morning snack box always contains 3 things – some sort of fruit (normally apple slices), some sort of veggies (normally carrot sticks, cucumber coins, and/or pepper slices), and a protein (usually raw almonds or walnuts, and sometimes chickpeas). :)

      1. Oh gosh thank you so much. I have all in stock so that will be a treat tomorrow morning for the babes :-) I am a secondary school teacher monday to wednesday so those days are up at 5:45, babes up at 6:15 dressed and breakfast had and up to my mum for 7:30 and I get them again at about 4:15. Thank goodness for being able to job share and spend Thursday to sunday with babes.
        I just found your blog recently and you are so inspiring. Thank you nx

  2. It’s so interesting to see how another Mumma does it – love the blog and all your fantastic creative/lifestyle and food tips. X

  3. This is Dom every morning… he is up at 6 am and must narrate his needs to me immediately. He wants water, food and must pee lol. All stuff that he is able to reach and get himself and then after I am fully awake he goes back to his room and plays loudly. Boys…

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