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As I was looking back at some of the fun things we did last October, I came across our Franken-SLIME Halloween favours.  It’s been a long time since we whipped up a new batch of slime and we adore playing with it, so today was the day!  While I did think about making green slime and adding some loose parts to stick with the Franken-slime theme, I changed my mind part way through and decided that we’d do several Halloween-ish colours of slime paired with googly eyes and foam parts in order to create slime monsters!   …Oh my goodness, am I ever glad I did because Gracen just loved it.

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Here’s a peek at our slime making in progress…  Like usual, I stuck to the glue and Borax method, making small batches of 5 different colours – yellow, orange, green, black, and purple.

IMG 3978

In order to get a slightly firmer slime {something between slime and silly putty, I’d say} I mixed the top two ingredients of this recipe in a bowl with our colouring of choice, mixed the bottom two ingredients in a large measuring cup, and then mixed the two together.

IMG 3975

IMG 3976

Thanks to our trusty Wilton gel food colourings, our slime turned out vibrant – just how I had imagined it.

IMG 3979

Of course Miss G was itching to get her hands on it as soon as it was done, so I gave her a big plastic tray, the bowl of purple slime, and let her dig in.

IMG 3988

While she happily stretched, pulled, and played with her purple slime, I cut out some very simple shapes from craft foam.  You could cut out any shapes you’d like, of course, but I went with spikes, tongues, and teeth.

IMG 3992

I then placed the slime, along with some googly eyes, into one of our very favourite divided trays {very similar to this one – these are the best because they come with an air-tight lid and work for post-play storage too} and gave everything to Grae.

IMG 3990

She immediately set to work creating adorable little slime monsters…

IMG 3993

And her Papa even joined in the fun too {though I promise he was having more fun than it appears in this photo}.  ☺

IMG 3997

I may have joined in the fun too!

IMG 4001

IMG 4003

While I sort of imagine all of our monsters beginning as basic blobs, Miss G had all kinds of fun ideas.

IMG 4006

IMG 4009

This one was probably my favourite of the bunch.  Isn’t he cute?!

IMG 4011

IMG 4012

IMG 4014

IMG 4018

The fun continued for a good part of our afternoon…

IMG 4022

And when we were done, we simply plucked the loose parts out of the slime {a great fine motor skill workout in itself} and gave them a quick vinegar rinse to completely de-slime them {that tip courtesy of the Slime Queen herself, Asia of Fun at Home with Kids – be sure to check out her slime troubleshooting guide if your slime doesn’t turn out as well as you want it to}.

IMG 4024

Then we placed everything back into our container so that it’s ready for next time, which probably won’t be long from now as Miss G has plans to invite her friends from downstairs up to create slime monsters with us very soon!


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5 thoughts on “Slime Monsters

  1. We made this, first time making slime, so I have a question: ours did not come out looking as liquid. it’s more solid and snaps apart. still gooey but somewhere between silly putty and slime. any suggestions to change the consistency?

    1. This is not my blog, however I am a Pre-K teacher and I find that making slime or gak out of liquid starch (Varno), and white glue is so much easier and you cannot mess it up. You don’t even need to measure. If it’s too liquid after kneading for a few minutes just add more glue. Too sticky add more liquid starch. Almost fool proof. When I use Borax it always turns snappy right away. Just my humble opinion on fun times! I’m excited about the monster parts. Never thought of that!!

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