Franken-SLIME Halloween Favours

Franken SLIME Halloween Favours | Mama Papa Bubba

After yesterday, I decided that Miss G and I needed a very low-key day around the house today.  We spent our morning making these cute little Franken-SLIME Halloween favours, and we both just love the way they turned out.

With Gracen being a sugar-free kid, I try my very best to make sure that she doesn’t miss out or feel resentful about the fact that we don’t let her eat junk.  So in addition to making sure she has yummy {healthier} treats for the Halloween parties we’re attending, I wanted to make sure we had something fun and sugar-free that she could hand out to her friends and fellow trick-or-treaters.  Now while we’ve done sparkly slime treats for Halloween and Valen-SLIME treats for Valentine’s Day, slime is so much fun that we couldn’t resist doing it again.  Only this time we switched things up a little and turned the favours into little Frankestein heads!  

IMG 4901

First off, we started out by making a big batch of our usual slime, sans the glitter.  It’s so simple to make that Grae can basically make it on her own, and the process is quite fascinating.

IMG 2735

While we probably would have used mason jars at home in Canada, they cost a small fortune here in Kuwait, so we opted for these little 100 ml plastic containers instead.

IMG 4907

After screwing on the caps, Miss G used a Q-tip and some craft glue to adhere two googly eyes on each container.

IMG 2737

We placed them on their sides to set for a few minutes in order to prevent the eyes from slipping.

IMG 2740

Next, using a Sharpie {and her Mama’s signature pencil grip – ugh!} she added a smile…

IMG 2741

And a scar to each happy little Frankenstein face.

IMG 2744

Cute and not to spooky, right?

IMG 2776

The last step involved covering the container lids with a light coating of glue and pressing a cupcake liner down on top.  Gracen started with that job and I gave the Franken-SLIMES a little hair cut that included points across the front.

IMG 2748

And because we wanted to include our younger friends {who may still put things in their mouths} in the Halloween fun, we also whipped up a big batch of our favourite no-cook {and fully edible, but not yummy} play dough and made little jack-o-lantern favours too.  I cut out a bunch of tiny felt eyes and mouths, and Miss G used her cotton swab and craft glue to create the faces.

IMG 2771

We finished them off with a cupcake liner top {and a haircut} and they were ready to go!

Fun Candy free Halloween treats | Mama Papa Bubba

Gracen loved making these and is so excited to share them with her friends, which makes me a happy mama!

And if you’re wondering what do to with slime, here’s our fun and simple slime sensory station.

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